18 August 2012

(Wo)Man's Best Friend Photoshoot

It was impromptu and the photos turned out great, we are going to plan a better one someday soon. 

25 February 2012

Photoshoot for Daddy



Declan is getting pretty close to 4 months old now! We decided to have a photoshoot for Daddy while he was at work. Here is a sampling of the outcome. 

Inspiration found at Shauna Veasey Photography via Pinterest
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18 February 2012

Again with Monsanto

Ok, I hope all of you out there have heard of Monsanto before. If not it is time to do your research. Because yet another Monsanto big shot is running our government, Michael Taylor. 

 If you check out their website Monsanto would like you to believe that they support farmers around the world, that they seek to improve agriculture and the environment, and that they seek diversity.

 Please don't stop there. You will also find on their own site that in 2000 a new Monsanto was created (trying to cut ties with the GMO creating Monsanto of the 90s?...hardly) as a stand alone subsidary of a pharmaceutical company.

Check out this article.

And and these documentaries (all of these I watched on Netflix, which provides a slew of live streaming documentaries on great topics):
Food Matters
King Corn
The Future of Food
Supersize Me

And continue to search on your own and remember to look at both sides of the coin. Monsanto effects every single American and likely every person globally. And if you see fit, please follow the link at the end of this post and sign the following petition:

"President Obama, I oppose your appointment of Michael Taylor, a former VP and lobbyist for Monsanto, the widely criticized genetically modified (GM) food multinational, as senior advisor to the commissioner at the FDA. Taylor is the same person who as a high-ranking official at the FDA in the 1990s promoted allowing genetically modified organisms into the U.S. food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety or risks. This is a travesty.

Taylor was in charge of policy for Monsanto's now-discredited GM bovine growth hormone (rBGH), which is opposed by many medical and hospital organizations. It was Michael Taylor who pursued a policy that milk from rBGH-treated cows should not be labeled with disclosures. Michael Taylor and Monsanto do not belong in our government. 

President Obama, Monsanto has been seen as a foe to family-based agriculture, the backbone of America, by introducing dangerous changes to plants and animals and by using strong-arm legal tactics against farmers for decades. Naturally occurring plant and animal species are permanently threatened by the introduction of DNA and hormonal modification, Monsanto's core businesses. 

FDA scientists once regarded genetic modification of the food supply as the single most radical and potentially dangerous threat to public health in history. As early as the 1991, a body of scientific research began to form which now includes articles in over 600 journals. As a whole, these offer scientific evidence that GM foods, hormones, and related pesticides are the root cause for the increase of many serious diseases in the U.S. Since GM foods were introduced, diagnosis of multiple chronic illnesses in the U.S. has skyrocketed. These illnesses include changes in major organs and in hormonal, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems. These modifications to foods and food production may also be contributors to colon, breast, lymphatic, and prostate cancers. 

Experts are discouraged that regulators and GM companies systematically overlook potential side effects of GM. Monsanto's objective to use biotechnology to change the world's food supply is the opposite policy direction your administration should pursue. Your legacy of supporting Monsanto to have free rein in U.S. food policy is a nightmare scenario that is against the interest of all Americans and world citizens."
(Frederick Ravid)

16 February 2012

4th Anniversary of Our Family

We spent our fourth anniversary together in Yosemite. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend, with the most perfect weather for the trip. 

14 February 2012

From the Littlest

from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, he wishes you a...